This site is a distribution channel for software and documentation pertaining to a much improved distance transform method, particularly suitable as preprocessing for Green's hardware-friendly contour texturing method based on distance fields.

The material presented here is highly technical in nature, and it is aimed primarily at technical developers in the field of computer graphics. Using the method for your own application will require experience and some programming skills. However, everything you need to know is available for free, including full source code.

The software for the new distance transform, with documentation, is available on the following external links:

A brief presentation of the method (PDF)
A detailed scientific presentation of the method (PDF)
User guide to the software in the zip files below (PDF)
Software for the new distance transform (Cross-platform C for Matlab, GNU Octave or standalone use)

I have also written an interactive OpenGL demo of Green's texturing method using my texture data:

Windows version (Win32 executable with full source code and a Dev-C++ project file)
Linux version (AMD64 executable with full source code and a Makefile)
Mac OS X version (Intel application with full source code and a Makefile)

The full description of the algorithm was submitted in June 2009 to Pattern Recognition Letters, and pending the result of their thorough but excruciatingly slow review process I provided a PDF with a preprint version of the submitted manuscript on the address above. The formal reference for the article is:

Stefan Gustavson, Robin Strand: Anti-aliased Euclidean distance transform, Pattern Recognition Letters, Volume 32, Issue 2, 15 January 2011, Pages 252-257

The main local content of this site is a forum, intended for discussions, sharing of experiences and requests for support. Reading is open to everyone, but you will need a wikidot account to post messages. This is only to avoid spambots. Registering for a Wikidot account is free and very simple. You will not receive any spam or other unsolicited communication by registering for an account. Wikidot is a serious and trustworthy site, that is why I chose it.

I distribute this for free, and I make no support promises. However, my job is computer graphics research, and I am interested in seeing my software put to use in real applications. Therefore, I will do my best to honor any reasonable requests for support and provide clarifications where they are needed.

If you need to contact me in person and don't feel like using the forum, my e-mail address is in the PDF documents available through the external links above. (Placing it on this public web page would attract too much spam. I apologize for any inconvenience.)

Stefan Gustavson

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License